WHIZTEC  is a leading provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to the Shipping, Logistics, Retail and Distribution, Contract Manufacturing and Project-oriented Manufacturing industry.


WHIZTEC web based ERP enables companies to streamline business processes, collaborate with all stakeholders and gain real-time visibility into key data, thereby empowering your employees to take quick, appropriate action. Business is improved through streamlined business processes, quality analysis, performance checks and role-based planning.


A successful, growing business demands business software that expedites growth. Even the best companies canít face tomorrowís challenges with yesterdayís technology. If youíre still using an off-the-shelf, shrink-wrapped package using outdated technology thatís not providing the functionality you need, or one of those accounting-only packages that tries to do some inventory/operations functions, it is time for you evaluate our ERP software.


WHIZTEC ERP helps you

  • Make campaign planning, execution, and analysis easier by placing all relevant marketing information at your marketing departmentís fingertips. Provide your sales and marketing personnel with the tools they need to track any type of activity targeted at customers, prospects, suppliers, or other business contacts. Help sales and marketing managers work more efficiently with their teams. Use it to manage and monitor individuals, teams, and the entire organization, and to display sales data graphically.
  • Streamline the process of ordering, planning, and producing customized products
  • Keep track of your inventory - a key component of purchasing, order processing, and inventory tracking
  • Improve decision-making among your managers and line-of-business users using improved management dashboards that provide a complete picture of business operations
  • Accelerate cash collections and improve day sales outstanding metrics using efficient collections and credit management capabilities
  • Improve recruiting, training, performance evaluation and retention of employees using End-to-end talent management tools
  • Reduce administrative overhead of human resources (HR) departments using WHIZTEC User friendly employee self-service capabilities
  • Manage procurement, invoicing, sales order management and documentation of internal controls
  • Empower your enterprise users through enhanced capabilities and role based user interface. It gives smoother workflow by allowing employees, customers, vendors, and other business partners to interact directly using internet browser. 

If you are looking for a web based ERP solution in Shipping, Logistics, Retail and Distribution, Contract Manufacturing and project-oriented manufacturing industry, please contact sales@whiztec.com